Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business. 

What is a Visual Identity?
Take for instance McDonalds’ golden arches. They started life as a simple sketch – a spidery yellow ‘M’, which has gone on to global recognition as a welcome invitation to dine anywhere on the planet. I’m lovin’ it. Look at Nike – once upon a time, Nike’s swoosh was just a shape made up of pencil lines on a designers pad. Today, it has come to symbolise how everyday people have been inspired and galvanized to achieve more than they ever believed possible.

That’s the power of a visual identity. It’s a graphic representation that transcends itself, to powerfully communicate a message to its audience.

Your visual identity is more important than you might think. It is your reputation and your calling card. It can invoke an emotional connection with your audience. Your visual identity has the most important of jobs because ultimately, it will come to symbolise your brand. It can communicate your quality, heritage, fun or simply let people know that you’re a safe pair of hands and by doing so, set your audience at ease.

To create your visual identity, Chomp won’t do anything until we first get under your brand’s skin, and while we’re down there, we’ll fiddle around, give it a stretch, watch, listen and learn. Only then will we put our creative genius to work to develop a unique visual identity that brings your brand to life.


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